Handheld stock management is a breeze with our warehousing solution which integrates with your accounts software

KC Stock Manager

Simple and accurate handheld stock control management software system.

Simple & Accurate Handheld Stock Control Management Software System

KC Stock Manager provides users of Exchequer, Pegasus Opera II, Pegasus Opera 3, Sage 200 and Sage 50 with the ability to manage their stock processes efficiently and accurately through the use of handheld barcode scanning devices.

The functions which users can benefit from are the ability to perform stock takes, raise purchase orders, receive goods, write off stock, perform price audits and move stock between locations.

Stock takes can be performed without affecting processing within the accounts system and purchase orders can be automatically created on the shop/warehouse floor by scanning products and entering the required quantities. Further automation comes from the handheld device as users can record details of goods received which populates details of the GRN/PDN.

Shelf edge labels can be checked against prices in the accounts package and by using the handheld device stock items can be written off or moved with the ability to post stock adjustments via the handheld.

  • Manage the full stock process with the use of handheld devices
  • Perform stock takes without affecting accounts system users
  • Raise purchase orders from the shop/warehouse floor
  • Receive goods and record details of items and quantities received
  • Write off stock and post stock adjustments via the handheld
  • Perform price audits to ensure pricing continuity
  • Keep accurate central stock management records which can be updated from each stock location
  • Move stock between locations and record any changes via the handheld

KC Stock Manager Fact Sheet

Download the KC Stock Manager brochure to find out more about our bill of materials solution for Sage 50, Sage 200, Opera II, Opera 3 and Exchequer.

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